Nancy R. Larsen 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and therapist, I enjoy working with individuals and couples who are seeking change in their lives.


My expertise is working with individuals who struggle with OCD and Anxiety Disorders, and together, we have had great success in helping them find a new perspective regarding their struggle. Likewise, I enjoy helping individuals who struggle with depression, stress, pornography addiction and/or interpersonal relationships.  


With the use of evidence-based modalities such as ACT, CBT, ERP and Mindfulness techniques, 

individuals learn to gently and curiously recenter their lives based on what is most important to them. By doing so, these values become an anchor for them as they make changes toward self-improvement. It is humbling to witness their desire to live a value-centered life.

It takes great courage to seek professional help. I want you to know I strongly believe that each person has the ability to learn concepts and skills to enhance the way they interact with their various struggles. 


If you have ever thought of coming to therapy, I invite you to start today. The therapeutic process is just that, a process; however, what can be gained from this process can be life-changing. 

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